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You’ve met With a Terrible Fate, where video game analysis is tackled using the tools of rigorous philosophy.

Learn about my work and myself here.

Or, forget about me — let’s get right to the analysis. Pick a game. Don’t like the offerings you see? Contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or at withaterriblefate@gmail.com. I take requests.


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I argue that consciousness NieR: Automata is linked to the player in a metaphysically deep, important, and surprising way.


Sephiroth and Cloud



With a Terrible Fate presents a new theory of video games.



PAX East WaTF Cover


With a Terrible Fate discussed science, philosophy, and video games at PAX East 2017. Check out a film of our whole presentation.




On the day of Final Fantasy XV‘s release, I present new criticism on what went wrong in Final Fantasy XIII, in the hopes that FFXV does better.




Featured Author Nathan Randall presents his PAX Australia 2016 work on the science behind jump scares in video games.






I present a written version of the arguments I made at PAX Australia 2016 for the metaethical and metaphysical horror of Majora’s Mask.




Metaphysics of DLC: what works and what doesn’t. Deus Ex, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls: when it comes to DLC, one of these things is not like the other. Read on.


Xenoblade X

I argue that Xenoblade Chronicles X fails where Xenoblade Chronicles succeeded, because the former’s storytelling is based on teaser metaphysics.



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14 thoughts on “Welcome to “With a Terrible Fate.”

  1. Spectacular site! I love game analysis; I feel like we can study games the way we do literature and cinema and truly gain from it by viewing them as art.
    There are so many games that have such deep themes and stories and designs, and there is much to say about them. Wonderful job bringing light to the discussion that we can have about games! I hope to one day start writing my own thoughts and analyses on my favorite games, and posting those short essays somewhere to fuel the conversation about those games just as you have.


  2. This site does things I’ve wanted to see done for video games for quite a long while, and I’m very happy to see it.

    If I may make a request, I’ve recently played through a game called Evoland 2, and there are elements to that game’s plot that reminded me of some of the thoughts put forth in the Majora’s Mask analysis. In fact, the two games have something in common that’s not immediately obvious. I’m curious what your thoughts might be on that, but at the same time I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t played it already.

    The game might also be an interesting object of study because it intertwines gameplay and plot in a unique way by actually shifting what genre of game it is at various points in the story.


  3. Loved the Dark Souls analysis, excellent insight and a really fantastic exploration of Lordran’s universe. I’ve found DS to be an intensely deep experience, at a gaming level, a narrative level, and at an introspective level. The nihilistic/transcendental approach you took to analyzing it is fascinating and remarkably well approached. It was a very insightful read that I’m grateful to have stumbled across. Thank you for providing yet another aspect of such a fantastic game.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Daemon9623. I, too, see Dark Souls as a tremendously valuable game with many layers, and am excited to see what comes of Dark Souls III. I’m glad you’re enjoying my work; I hope you are able to check out some of my other analyses as well.


  4. Hey man, really cool stuff! I see primarily single-player oriented games here. Ever consider competitive games for analysis? I play super smash bros melee and destiny competitively, even at national level, and it’s certainly multifaceted. You should consider!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Dave! I don’t play games competitively myself (not well, at least), but I know enough about the competitive gaming domain to know that it certainly raises interesting philosophical issues–issues that are far more complicated than single-player games in virtue of there being more than one player, which is in large part why I have stayed silent on the matter. However, I am hoping that will soon change. In particular, one of our featured authors (I won’t say who just yet) is incredibly proficient at Super Smash Brothers Melee, and I am hoping we may be able to see work on a subject like that very soon.


  5. I just wanted to say I was at the panel you guys presented at PAX AUS and it was amazing. Have been going through all the content on here after that. Thank you guys for making the trip down to Melbourne. Was very enlightening.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, TheHairyGamer. So glad you enjoyed the panel and that you’re enjoying the site. Stay tuned for new content, and please do spread the word about us if you can!


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