The following is an episode of The Drawing Board, a podcast by With a Terrible Fate that highlights the unstructured conversations about video games from which our analytical content is derived.

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Drawing Board, a podcast by With a Terrible Fate.

What do Alfred Hitchcock and Yoko Taro have in common?

They’re both auteurs: storytellers whose works have a recognizable style and singular perspective. Even though films like The Birds and video games like Nier were made possible by huge teams of people, it feels as if they were created by one author because every single character, set piece, and technical flourish lends itself to one cohesive, artistic vision. That’s the mark of an auteur.

This week on The Drawing Board, Dan and I chatted about issues of auteurship in video games.

How can auteur theory inform the way we think about games and their stories? How can auteurs reconcile their artistic vision with the interactive nature of gaming? Why do so many auteurs seem to be in the business of JRPGs?

Listen in, and find out.

Aaron Suduiko

Aaron Suduiko - Founder and Chief Video Game Analyst

Aaron Suduiko is the founder of With a Terrible Fate and a philosopher of video-game storytelling. He specializes in the impact of player-avatar relations on game stories.  Learn more here.

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