Jaron R. M. Johnson

Jaron R. M. Johnson is a nerdy Appalachian nyctophiliac with too much creative ambition and a devout love for writing. A brain without a brake pedal powers this geek-without-a-cause every day, and it runs on good food, fun games, and great music. Jaron is one half of The Know-It-All Brothers: a pair of guys from smalltown Ohio with a knack for long-winded rants and dry-witted jokes, he and CJ Thomas are developing a new, analytic method of fan-fiction creation in their Hero of Time Project.

Hailing from South Eastern Ohio, Jaron has been writing things from lyrics to journalistic reviews to short films, comics, and novels since he was fourteen. If he has one love other than writing, it’s playing video games with his friends. Recently, he’s been spending a lot of time playing Breath of the Wild and Rainbow Six: Siege.

Jaron began playing video games during the end of the Super Nintendo era, and bore witness to the release of the Nintendo 64, where he fell in love with the Adventure Platformer genre (and, to nobody’s surprise, the Legend of Zelda series). It was at this point, very early in his life, that he began to hold a unique viewpoint on the relationship between player and character, and to view video-game storytelling in the same light as storytelling in movies or novels. This paved the way for him to view video games in a critical and analytical light. He would go on to write several papers on the matter, and discuss them at great length with friends.

Jaron is one of the creative heads of Death By Typewriter, along with CJ Thomas. They’re planning on releasing their graphic novel, Centerpiece, soon.