CJ Thomas

CJ Thomas is a video game analyst who specializes in the Hero of Time Project, studying the conventions of interactivity, and the conventions of writing in general.

CJ has been playing video games and writing bad fan fiction for them since he was 5 or 6, starting life on Win98 computer playing Sink Sub, and moving on to the N64, and the PS2.

CJ began truly talking about games in an analytical light in high school, when everyone was trying to wrap their heads around the ending of Mass Effect 3. It was in that colossal failure that CJ found the beginnings of his voice for criticism and for writing. For CJ, video games have always been an excellent medium for storytelling, in which the viewer is given the opportunity to experience and be a part of the story, as both a character and a fan.

Outside of WaTF, CJ has done work on Art Film, Podcasting, and Photography as a sound and video editor, performer, gopher, writer and consultant, and subject thereof. While currently working to become an established writer and published author, CJ’s passion for writing is one of the driving forces of his life.

Of course, procrastination and video games are the other driving forces...