After thinking tirelessly about why people actively spoil games’ stories for themselves and how the endless consumption and analysis of trailers affects how we perceive a game before it is even released, With a Terrible Fate founder Aaron Suduiko and video game analyst Dan Hughes will be making their valiant return to San Antonio, Texas to discuss just why the gaming community is so enamored with previews of upcoming games.

Join us on Saturday, January 19th at 7 PM in the glorious Cactus Theater, where we will dive into teaser culture and its ramifications for video game storytelling!

Not satisfied with just that little blurb, eh? Well go on, then, indulge in some spoilers for the full panel below!

“Spoiler Alert: Teaser Culture is Killing Gaming.”

We live in a time when 10-minute YouTube videos analyze the stories of 10-second trailers for 60-hour games that will be released 3 years from now. Where do we draw the line between interpreting a story and speculating about what the story for an unreleased game MIGHT be? What do we lose when we discuss a game to death before it’s in stores—and what do we gain? Join the game analysts of With a Terrible Fate for a wide-ranging discussion of game theory in the age of teaser culture.

This panel was born out of several discussions between the With a Terrible Fate analysts, as well as an exploration of varying nebulous video gaming terms that permeate the discourse on our podcast. Teaser culture is something that neither of our panelists actively participate in (anymore), and this panel will consider a few reasons why.

Our hour-long presentation will consist of three parts.

  1. For about 25 minutes, Aaron will explain what we mean when we refer to “teaser culture” and provide an example of how spoiling a video game’s story inevitably changes how we read and experience it.
  2. For about 15 minutes, Dan will explore how mystery can be used to enhance storytelling, and how teaser culture, especially when it comes to video-game trailers, often misses the mark.
  3. For the remaining time, we will open the floor to a discussion on the nature of teaser culture, and get the audience’s opinions on spoilers, trailers, and teasers to keep the conversation going!

We are thrilled to be welcomed back for the second year at PAX South, and we cannot wait to discuss this topic with the inquisitive, insightful, and downright pleasant audiences we have come to expect from PAX! We can’t wait to meet you before, during, and after our panel on Saturday, to discuss the potential of this incredible storytelling medium we all enjoy so much. We will see you there!

Coming to PAX South? Planning to take in our panel? Want to plan any With a Terrible Fate meetups throughout the duration of PAX? Let us know in the comments, or reach out to us at withaterriblefate@gmail.com, or tweet us @Terrible_Fate!

We hope all of you can say that you’ve met With a Terrible Fate this weekend!

Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes - Video Game Analyst

Dan Hughes has dabbled in everything from playwriting to religious studies to YouTube personas. He is the seriesrunner for With a Terrible Fate's "Now Loading... The Video Game Canon!"  Learn more here.

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