Back in April, With a Terrible Fate had the pleasure of giving three presentations for the peerless people of PAX East. One of those presentations was all about the ways in which video games like Dark Souls, The Legend of Zeldaand Okami are innovating new ways of telling stories episodically—and we have full video footage of it to share with you.

Here’s the description of what you can expect, straight from the PAX East program:

How did Breath of the Wild teach us that the Zelda timeline isn’t as important as we thought? How did Dark Souls II’s DLC convince us that Dark Souls II was incomplete? Video games are developing rich new tools to tell stories across multiple games, add-ons, and episodic content. Join the game analysts of With a Terrible Fate as we dissect our favorite and least favorite series to understand these tools, and to speculate about the next generation of game stories!

Watch the full talk right here:

Thanks for having us, PAX East! We hope to see you again next year.

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Aaron Suduiko

Aaron Suduiko - Founder and Chief Video Game Analyst

Aaron Suduiko is the founder of With a Terrible Fate and studies the philosophy of video game storytelling. He specializes in the impact of player-avatar relations on game stories.  Learn more here.

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