Nathan Randall

I’ve been an avid video gamer since I was 3. My first game ever was Ocarina of Time, and as soon as I started it I was completely hooked. The amazing capacity for narrative and world building overtook me and I’ve played what must now be hundreds of games.

Unlike previous generations, who mainly grew up with stories from novels defining their lives, a majority of the stories that have vastly impacted my life have come from games. Games like Final Fantasies VII and X, Bioshock Infinite, and Shadow of the Colossus have had powerful effects on how I view and think about the world. These narratives are powerful, and are made even more powerful by being a playable medium.

My goal is to closely examine how the discrete mechanics in video games enhance and create storytelling opportunities, and then to discuss the significance of these stories. By going through this process we can open up a beautiful medium to the possibility of genuine literature analysis, and allow video games to be for the future generation what novels and poems were to previous generations. Video games are examinable entities and they deserve to be analyzed in such a way that allows discussion of possible meanings of the narratives and worlds.

You can contact me at I’m always happy to hear new thoughts and criticism.

I hope you enjoy my work!