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Big changes are coming to With a Terrible Fate very soon. Read this letter from founder Aaron Suduiko about what you can expect.

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New work discussing the avatar-player relations and iniquitous horror of Silent Hill 2, originally presented at PAX Aus 2016.

Zelda and Memory

I argue that the avatar of Breath of the Wild isn’t as he seems.


Featured Author Nathan Randall presents the second part in his series on game mechanics’ role in storytelling.


Featured Author Laila Carter discusses her work from PAX Australia 2016 on the mythology behind horror video games.

Atlantic Cover

I critique Ian Bogost’s recent article, which claimed that “video games are better without stories.”

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I argue that consciousness NieR: Automata is linked to the player in a metaphysically deep, important, and surprising way.


Featured Author Nathan Randall develops a new theory of control schemes in video game storytelling.

Sephiroth and Cloud

With a Terrible Fate presents a new theory of video games.

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With a Terrible Fate discussed science, philosophy, and video games at PAX East 2017. Check out a film of our whole presentation.

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