Taking Defense Case #2: ME!ME!ME! and the Trial of Shock Art

by Dan Hughes, Featured Author.

Viewer discretion is advised.

A few weeks ago, those wacky Internet Gods descended upon the Earth and bestowed a little gem called ME!ME!ME! upon us unsuspecting mortals. Is it just a piece of filth, or is there a little more to this video than meets the eye? This week on “Taking Defense,” Malcolm Lockwell, the first, last and only name in Internet Defense takes on ME!ME!ME!
All content, apart from Malcolm Lockwell’s opinions, belongs to its respective creators. We are simply making jokes, and mean no harm.

Music:  “Lydia The Tattooed Lady” by Jimmy Lunceford ( • • )

License:  Standard YouTube License

Dan Hughes is a featured author at With a Terrible Fate.  Check out his bio to learn more.

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